The Hardest Post

Hello Athletes, Coaches and Parents.

As you can tell, things are just getting started here at Sports Upgrade.  This is the first blog post with many more to come.

By nature, athletes are competitors.  They compete with each other to see who is better and they compete with themselves to get better.  Real athletes want to excel at what they do and fulfill their potential.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying to win a national championship or just playing in the “weekend warrior” league, if you are an athlete performance is important to you.  My goal is to give useful info, insights, and observations to athletes and those who want to help them improve. 

If you’ve read this far you’re probably wondering about the title of this post – “The Hardest Post”.  Nothing about it seems very hard so far.  It’s certainly not as bad as that last sprint, that extra practice, or the sickening feeling after that tough loss.  There are two reasons that I chose that title for this first post:

  1. This being my first post I wasn’t really sure how to start, what to say, or how this blog will turn out.  Lets just call it the “pregame jitters”.  Much like playing a game, once I got started it wasn’t too bad.
  2. Recently I lost my grandmother.  While she had no idea (I mean literally “zero” idea) what a blog was, she would have loved to see me getting things off the ground and would have done anything to help me.  God Bless her!

Please check back soon for new posts.  Until then feel free to check out and see all that we have planned.


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