What I Learned – NSCA Conference 2010

Hello all! 

I got to attend the National Strength & Conditioning Association National Conference last week in Orlando, FL.  Fortunately for me it was only a short commute away.  I always enjoy conferences and try to take a professional attitude towards them.  While it is nice to run into old friends, I am there to make myself better. I really try to get something out of the sessions and view them as a chance to get the gears in my mind working.  Sometimes you can’t use what you learn directly, but if it gives you a better picture of something or makes you think of something that you can use, then the conference was a success. 

While it’s not possible to list everything that I learned, here a list of 3 of my favorite presentations:

  1. Jon Goodwin gave a great presentation on sprinting mechanics.  He citied lots of research and helped me to realize how important strength and force are in sprint speed. 
  2. I saw Martin Rooney present two times, once on Exceptional Training and once on Speed Training.  Martin is full of energy and he can certainly make his talks interesting. While both of his talks were full of too much good info to list here, I really enjoyed his emphasis on the importance of self-management.
  3. Joe Torine of the Indianapolis Colts gave a great talk about how they use a screening process for their players to decrease injuries and aid in improving athletic performance.  This helps to discover and address potential contributing factors to injury BEFORE they happen.  

I’ll discuss these topics plus others from the NSCA Conference in future posts.


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