Using Common Sense

In the June issue of Pediatric Clinics of North America, there is an article on “Resistance Training for Adolescents“.  The authors make two points that I feel are imporant:   

  1. Supervision and teaching should be emphasized
  2. Consideration must be given to the fitness level, experience, and any medical problems that the teen may have


 How Much Common

 Sense is in Your



Having spent the last 12 years working with teens, I fully agree with both of these statements.  I guess what amazes me is that this should be common sense in any training program!!!!!  It doesn’t matter if you are working with the next high school phenom or with someone’s grandma.  The program should be tailored to the experience, ability, and special needs of the individual.  There should also be an emphasis on supervision, safety, and teaching every day.  If there isn’t, then the teacher, coach, or personal trainer isn’t doing their job.  I don’t care what their background is and what sort of training plan that they can put on paper, if they don’t take care of these things,  then you should find someone else to train you.



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