What’s The Goal?

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What’s the goal of the training program?

What’s The Goal?

As we begin 2013, many people are talking about goals.  They want to set new goals to make more money, get fit, etc.  Obviously goal setting is important in life.  Goals also play a role in any good training program.  One of the key things to ask when designing a training program is “what’s the goal?”  Is the goal to get faster?  Stronger?  More power?  Better agility?  All of these?  What is the goal?

Why did I bring this up?  I think that this fundamental question isn’t asked often enough by some people.  There are too many times that programs are based entirely on hard work and not on technique and teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, hard work is important in any program.  However, sometimes it seems like that is the only goal in some programs.  Where is the coaching (teaching)?  What is being learned?

Getting Better

As a Strength & Conditioning professional, I take pride in being a good teacher.  I take pride in being able to identify problems that an athlete needs to correct and helping them to make the necessary changes.  When I have finished working with an athlete, I want them to know that they got better when I worked with them.  That means that I did my job.  (It also leads to repeat business and referrals, which is always good.)  If I’m presented with a new training challenge, that’s great.  It makes me think, it forces me to learn, and it makes me better.  This allows me to make other athletes better.

That is why it’s important to have a goal for a training program.  Ultimately, it makes the athlete better.  Can the athlete still get better if there is no goal or if the only goal is to work hard?  Probably, to an extent.  Will they improve more if there are specific goals for the athlete (ex – improve the first step in the 40 yd dash)?  Yes.  Without a doubt.  Knowing what the goal is and designing a specific program to accomplish it are vital to the success of your training programs.  Make sure to plan based on the goals that you want to accomplish.


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