Supplement Salesmanship

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A few days ago my brother stopped in to a health food store to buy some supplements.  The person working behind the counter was very helpful.  In typical fashion, the cashier simply started to rattle off lots of information about a couple of products.  He made a few specific comments about creatine that I’ve never heard before. While its possible that the info is accurate, it’s unlikely. The information is probably not backed up by science.  If he had to come up with the source for his information, it would most likely have been “somebody told me”.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a health food store had a similar experience.  Once I started to think about it I realized the real issue.  The real issue is that many people are gullible and will take the information they get from a health food cashier as gospel. The issue doesn’t really affect those that work in the fitness industry. The problem affects those who are less informed. This includes a large portion of consumers. I know that this isn’t surprising to most of us. Unfortunately it does affect millions of people everyday. They mistake information from a cashier, an ad in a magazine, or somebody at the gym telling them something as 100% accurate info.  So what can be done?  Just keep trying to educate your clients.  I know, at times it feels like we are Sisyphus rolling a rock up a hill endlessly.  But it’s all that we can do.  Just keep trying to educate your clients.  With as many influences as there are nowadays (parents, coaches, teammates, salespeople, tv, the internet, etc), you might be the only source of reliable info that your athlete hear.



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