Staying Sharp

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some time to try and sharpen my mind.   While I’ve looked at numerous topics, much of my effort has focused on the assessment of movement and correction of errors.  It has really made me evaluate a lot of things that I have learned previously.  While I’m certainly not ready to throw out all of the “old” things that I have done, I am going to try to find ways to integrate some new things with my clients.  This is largely because I have gained a better understanding of how everything in the human body works together.  Even as an ATC, we tend to focus on the location of the pain and don’t always look far enough past that.  I’m really glad that I’ve had a chance to spend some time on this topic.  In the next few weeks, I’ll be getting back to posting more often.  I’ll also be discussing more about what I learned and the resources that I read and watched.