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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q.  I see "camps and clinics" mentioned.  What sort of camps do you hold?

A.  In the future we will be hosting camps and clinics to educate athletes, coaches, and parents about such topics as speed and agility development, strength training, and injury prevention.  Many of these will be half or full day events meant to maximize your benefit and your time.

Q.  What is "Dartfish"?  How can it help athletes?

A.  Dartfish is revolutionary video technology that enables coaches and athletes to view their sports skills in incredible detail.  It is used by athletes at all levels and has been used by many Olympic medal winners.  For more on our use of Dartfish please click here Dartfish

Q.  I am hosting a clinic.  Do you have anyone who could be a guest speaker?

A.  Please contact us.  We are available to speak on a wide variety of topics for coaches, athletes, and others.

Q.  I coach a team and know that we should be doing weight training to get better.  I'm not sure where to begin.  Can you help get me started?

A.  Yes we can.  We can arrange consultations and can also plan both off-season and in-season strength and conditioning programs for individuals, groups, and teams.

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